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Business Web Sites

There is virtually no reason a business of any size should not have some sort of web presence. The cost to develop and host a business site is very small compared to other forms of advertising. Allow Lincoln Whitman Group the opportunity to consult with you and decide what type of business site would be best suited to your business needs.


We have experience designing and building all types of business web sites.
Please e-mail us or call 508-528-3884 for more information.


Brochure Ware - A static web site that is similar to a one page printed flyer that you may put under a cars windshield. For a lot of small business this is all you need to get started on the web. The site would contain a couple of pictures, your business contact information, and a description of the services that your business provides.


Interactive / Dynamic Business Web Site - This type of business web site contains multiply pages linked together that provide in depth information about your business. This type of site is appropriate when you are not able to fit all the information about your business onto a one page site. The Lincoln Whitman Group site is a good example of this. There are typically interactive forms that your customers fill out and email to you. Content Management: There may be some pages that have frequently changing information - for which a hidden password / protected interface page would allow you to change the content on your page without having to recompile or publish the web site over and over.


eCommerce Web Site - This is a web site designed to sell your products on line. Usually there is a shopping cart that keeps track of what your customers want to buy, and a credit card / payment form that allows them to purchase your products. This type of web site could either process the credit card information directly into your merchant account, or notify you of the sale and allow you to process the sale manually through your own POS terminal.



Single Page Site
Design, Develop & Host a single page web site:




Our Design Methodology

Our Customers: Check out our customers web sites - call them for references.


Design and Build: An overview of our design and development process.


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