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Attunity Connect Consulting / Training

Attunity is a trusted provider of technology solutions for integrating disparate data sources, legacy and mainframe applications enabling real-time access to the enterprise.

 Lincoln Whitman Group can provide consulting services to help with the installation, configuration, and implementation of Attunity Connect across the enterprise. Lincoln Whitman Group can also provide the training that your staff might need to get the most out of Attunity Connect.


Key Benefits





We have extensive experience on Open VMS using DBMS Manman with Attunity Connect. The projects we have worked on range from extracting data from Manman into excel spreadsheets using saved parameterized queries, to the design and implementation of an Operation Data Store using MS SQL Server relational model of Manman's OMAR subschema.




Customized training delivered on site at your location accessing your data is the best way to learn about all the features that Attunity Connect has to offer. The training sessions can be customized to act as a jump start on a project that you may be developing


Full access to the official training material provided by Attunity Connect.


Classes can be customized and tailored to your site specific needs.


Web Services
Already have a .Net solution in mind? Let our Web Services jump start your project.


Web Services for OMAR: allows your developers to focus on the solution not the data access.


Data Access Methods into OMAR: Ready to go - right out of the box. Tested routines with sample calls and usage documentation.


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